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What is this chain of blocks that i hear so much about?

Wether you're just starting to learn about Blockchain and Bitcoin, or are a seasoned developer that wants to explore new technologies we have all the resources you might need.

Blockchain safely, it can be a dangerous thing

Nakamoto Institute - Bitcoin

Bitcoin Foundation

Nakamoto Institute

99 Bitcoins

What is Blockchain technology

Bitcoin Basics

Reuters Blockchain Explained

Blockchain Explained

Beginers Series into Crypto: Great comprehensive summary of major ICO's

Blockchain Token ICO's

Guide to understanding Ethereum

IBM Intro to Blockchain

Bitcoin vs. Money

Cryptocurrency 101

Setting up wallets

Best Bitcoin Wallet Comparison

Finding Bitcoin Exchanges

Khan Academy: Bitcoin What is it?

Essential Blockchain Reading and resources

A Brief History in the evolution of Blockchain technology platforms

Blockchain developer interview questions

Recap of how to find a job in crypto panel and panelist bonus

Class Central

Free computer science courses

5 free online blockchain courses to break into the industry

Princeton: Cryptocurrency

Udemy: Blockchain 101

Udemy: Bitcoin or how i learned to stop worrying and love crypto

Hyperledger: Blockchain for Business

Berkley Blolckchain Workshops

succesful models for Blockchain governance

Progressive web apps the future of mobile web development

Ethereum for Web Developers

Crypto Zombies

Why Black Folk should like Bitcoin and Love Blockchain

Blockchain Books

ICO Structure, Overview and Planning

Joel Monegro - Fat Protocols

Nick Tomaino - Cryptoeconomics 101

General Crypto Articles

Best Cryptocurrency Blogs

How the NSA Caught Satoshi Nakamoto

Top Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts to follow in 2017

Segwit2x Hard Fork What Happened and Why

Where Blockchain Technology leads us

Start Building an ICO

Crypto Coin News

The Crypto bloodbath isnt a bloodbath

Why everyone missed the most mind blowing feature of cryptocurrency

Blockchains considered potentially harmful

Albert Wegner - Crypto Tokens and the coming of age of protocol innovation

Vitalik Buterin

Fred Wilson

Preethi Kasireddy

Ralph Merkle

Hyperledger Fabric


Lets Talk Bitcoin






Top 100 Free ICO Ratings and Review Sites

Bitcoin Resources

Multicoin Capital

Blockchain Dictionary

Best exchanges to purchase crypto

Blockchain Glossary

Smith and Crown


Dapp Radar

What is MKR

10 things people should know before investing in crypto

Robinhood Crypto

Using healthcare blockchain to solve data issues

Tech cooperatives changing the way startups do business

Blockchain Freeing Up Trade Finance

Bitcoin Basics

Stanford Webinar - Future of Bitcoin and Cyber security

Stanford: The economics of Bitcoin and Virtual Currency

Banking on Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Andreas Antonopoulos - The Death of Money

How to Determine if a Cryptocurrency is a Security or Not Using the Howey Test

Types of Tokens: Four Mistakes Beginner Crypto Investors Make

Blockchainhub: Types of Blockchains

How to Choose your ICO Advisors, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Experts

What No One Tells you About ICO Failure Rate

MIT: Initial Coin Offerings and the Value of Crypto Tokens

Applicature: ICO Dream Team

Applicature: How to Write a Good White Paper for your ICO in 10 Steps

Investopedia: On Chain vs. Off Chain Transactions

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