I recently quit my job for 1 year to follow my dreams and become an Indie Maker.

Sheet 2 Site is the first project in my 1-year challenge.

💬 The Story of Sheet to Site When I’m making my previous project (list of apps that support dark mode) I needed to manage a lot of content about all this app like name, link, image etc.. I didn’t know SQL but I used Google Spreadsheets a lot. So I connected it as a database.

After I thought it maybe would be great to have a tool that will generate you a beautiful website just in a few clicks from Google Spreadsheet.

Now it seems popular to make some lists (collections) of best tools, places, influencers, cryptos, etc. So Sheet 2 Site can help you to generate it easy to test your MVP.

🎁 Free Features

  • Background images
  • Header text and description
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Call to action button
  • Privacy. No access to your Google Drive you just share specific sheet that you want to use
  • Connect your existing spreadsheet
  • Custom URL on sheet2site hosting

⭐️Premium Feature

  • Custom domain(s)
  • Remove "Made with Sheet2Site"
  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Connect Chat to talk with your users LIVE