These additional resources and databases can serve as a starting point for Chronicle employees who are searching for more talent. The goal is to discover individuals that can then be officially adding to our Chronicle Talent Directory.

People of Craft | A resource for finding fine artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and typographers who identify as a “people of color”. (Shared by Kristen.)

Women Who Draw | A self-input directory of creative women from around the world.

#DrawingWhileBlack Directory | A self-input database focusing on Black/African American illustrators. (Shared by Riza.)

Society of Illustrators | A curated list of illustrators which also highlights new illustrators in their student section. (Shared by Amelia.)

CCA Class of 2020 Student Showcase | A curated showcase by CCA, highlighting diverse work by bachelor’s and master’s degree candidates across all disciplines. (Shared by Jen.)

List of Illustrators, Letterers, Fine Artists, and Photographers | A semi-curated compilation from many different sources. There are likely some really great finds, but you'll have to do a little bit of research. (Shared by AJ.)