What kind of sites you can make?

You can make grid style sites like a collection of something with pictures and links. Like list of cities, events, tools, equipment, etc.

Make Your Website

Please follow all this steps. It will take around 7 mins and you will buid your site 🙌

1. Make a copy of This Sheet Template and add your content

2. Copy Google Sheet url from your browser

3. Paste it here:

4. Go back to sheet. Open File menu -> Publish to the web -> Publish -> Ok. And go back here

5. Press this button

6. Go back to sheet, switch tab top main-page and add a title, background image and all other info

P.S. If you need features like: sorting, filters, custom domain, call to action button, using data from your sheet. Please write me in the chat. They are working but I need to explain you how :)

Enjoy 🙏

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Made by Andrey Azimov