What kind of sites can you make?

You can make grid style sites, for example a list of cities, events, tools, equipment, etc.

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Please follow all of these steps. It should take around 7 minutes to build your site.

1. Copy sheet template (don't request an access to the sheet, just make a copy)

2. Copy the Google Sheets url from your browser

3. Paste it here 👇

4. Go back to the sheet. Open the File menu -> Publish to the web -> Publish -> Ok. And then come back here.

5. Press this button and save the link (use link to avoid press button each time)

6. Go back to the sheet, switch the tab to main-page and add a title, background image and all other info.

P.S. If you feel confused how to use advanced features like: filters, call to action button, connect data from your spreadsheet. Please write me in the chat (in the bottom right) and I will help you

Enjoy 🙏

🌟 Upgrade to Pro 🌟

Connect your custom domains

Remove "Made with Sheet2Site" and add your company name


Connect Google Analytics

Word Press support. If you already have existing website and you want add Sheet2Site subpages

Add Chat to talk with your users

Add Custom scripts like facebook messenger bot or any other

* Save $60

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