Customize Headers Titles for each page

Filter Pages - All filters buttons now has its own unique page:

SEO Page Example

How it looks in Google

Meta title and meta description is adding automatically to the website. Here how it looks in Google:

Beatiful Links

Each link looks beatiful with a slug e.g.

Create SEO pages

Automatically generated Unique tag page e.g., /about, /contact-us

Customize Meta Tags e.g. 36 San Francisco Developer Jobs in August 2020

You can customize each page with a text patterns. It supports special variables like {keyword} and {count} that can makes your headlines much more SEO friendly.

Settings tab:

Sitemap XML

Sitemap XML that adding and updating all these links automatically

It is indexing in Google instantly.

All these category pages and all other detailed pages are adding and updating automatically to the website's sitemap: