8 Websites Made without Code using only Google Sheets

Awesome websites what were made by people using Sheet2Site

1) Stocks and ETF List Embedded

Template: Stock

Demo: https://freetrade.io/stock-list

2) Y Combinator Top Companies

Template: Job Board

Demo: https://www.sheet2site.com/y-combinator-top-companies/

It also has a page with a funding chart: https://www.sheet2site.com/y-combinator-top-companies/funding

3) Vocal Locals

Template: Voting

Demo: http://vocallocals.co/

4) LocalMealPrep

Template: Digital Nomads

Demo: https://localmealprep.com/

Also it has a map view with all locations: https://localmealprep.com/map

5) Digital Markeing Jobs

Template: Job Board

Demo: hhttps://www.digitalmarketing.jobs/

6) SaaS Affiliate Program

Template: Table

Demo: https://afftable.com/

7) Cycling Routes

Template: Business

Demo: https://www.segmentbenders.com/

Each route was its own unqiue detailed page with comments: https://www.segmentbenders.com/2472552

8) Embedded Parthners List

Template: Business 2, Embed

Demo: https://www.grape.io/partners

That's all falks.