How to connect Stripe to your Sheet2Site website

To be able to use Stripe you need to have a Stripe account and create a Google Form first, so you can get user's email and additional information that you need.

Just to let you know that the form response will be saved only if the payment will be successful, in other words if the users cancelled the payment, the data that he entered in the form will not be saved in the form as a response (and Google Sheet), but you will be able to see this data in your Stripe cancelled transactions as meta data.

Please follow these steps to connect Stripe to your website:

  1. Create a Native Form , connect it to your website and save the Google Form link.

    Link should looks like this (for edit Google Form not for preview it): edit

    Do not use these links:

    • Short links:
    • Preview links: viewform

  2. Create Stripe Publishable Key and Secret Key .
  3. Define price and currency, for example 99 USD.