How to Add a Google Sheet to a Website

You can add your Google Sheet to your website as a table. Each change that you make in Google Sheet will be automatically updated on your website.

If you have a lot of information oin your Google Sheet, you might want to add it to your website. Google Sheets can easily be added to your website as a table.

For example, you have might have a pricing table in a Google Sheet that looks similar to this:

And on your website you will have this nice table:

Install Sheet2Site Add-on

We made Sheet2Site specificaly for this purpose. It's a Google Sheet add-on that can help to convert your Google Sheet to a table and keep up-to-date if you will made any changes.

Share your Google Sheet

  1. Open your Google Sheet that you would like to embed into your website
  2. Install Sheet2Site Add-on
  3. Share your Google Sheet.
  4. Share (top right corner)
  5. Anyone with a link can view

For embedding Sheet2Site will use your first left sheet (tab). If you would like to embed another sheet, simply drag and drop this particular sheet to the left side to make the first.

Embed a Google Sheet

  1. Open Add-ons menu
  2. Sheet2Site
  3. Embed in your website
  4. Copy code snippet
  5. Paste this code snippet into your website's page


After this step your Google Sheet will be embed into your Website.

More Examples

Explore More Table Website Examples that were Made by People using Sheet2Site

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Need help?

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