Free Sheet2Site Alternative

Sheet2Site Free Alternative. Learn How to Create a Free Website from Google Sheets.

I want to share with you a Free Sheet2Site Alternative. In this article you will learn how to you create a website from a Google Sheet for Free without code or at least minimum amount of it.

This method is easy and do not require to use any third-party applications.

You can do it in 1 minute.

1. Share your Google Sheet:

First you need to have an existing Google Sheet an make it public.

  • Share (top right corner)
  • Get shareable link
  • Anyone with a link can view

2. Copy the Google Sheet link from your browser

Link should looks like this:

3. Change the link

Change the link to:

This params are important:


4. Put this link into iFrame

Copy previous link and paste this link into iFrame like this:

5. Add this iFrame to your Website

You need to copy the iFrame and add it to your website.

I'm assuming that you already have an existing website with a custom domain. If you don't you can just use a direct Google Sheet link.

Demo of Sheet2Site Alternative:

Here is how alternative website looks like:


If you don't want to use iFrame you can copy the HTML and paste it to your website. It will work but it will not update automatically so you would need to copy and paste HTML each time.


  • Free Sheet2Site Alternative
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Basic responsive. It looks OK on mobile.
  • Do not require third party applications


  • No custom domain. You need to have an existing website and add an iframe page.
  • No filters or search
  • No colors customization
  • Hyperlinks are not supported
  • No buttons
  • Not all symbols are supported
  • Loads quite long with a big sheet

Now you can use a free Sheet2Site Alternative and create a website from Google Sheets.

Feel free to to message me if you need any help.

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