Sheet2Site Updates

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  1. Search

    18 Feb 2019

    I added search by item title and description

    See Demo

  2. Documentations

    17 Feb 2019

    I added documentations about how to use Sheet2Site

    Read docs

  3. Job Board Template

    15 Feb 2019

    A lot of people used Sheet2Site for making a job board. This is completle redesigned jobboard with companies logos, skills filters and vacancy description

    See Demo


  4. Multi filters in new templates

    10 Feb 2019

    Let's say that user want to see all headphones that are Dj + Home and Audio-Technica. Here is a website demo

  5. Brand new templates design

    06 Feb 2019

    I made complete redesign of Sheet2Site templates. This is a first template for business.

    See Demo


  6. Navbar and subpages pages

    04 Feb 2019

    A lot of people asked about subpages and navigate them from navbar in the top. Here it is!

  7. Sheet2Site JSON API

    02 Feb 2019

    Now you can create JSON API from Google Sheet with real time updates.


  8. New landing page

    18 Jan 2019

    I made new landing page for Sheet2Site 2.0


  9. Started working on Sheet2Site 2.0

    3 Jan 2019

    Completly new Sheet2Site is coming!

  10. Mailchimp integration

    10 November 2018

    Now you can integrate Mailchimp simple adding Mailchimp ID to call to action


  11. Subdomain support like

    10 October 2018

    You can connect you custom subdomain

  12. SSL (HTTPS) support

    25 September 2018

    All custom domains has https!

  13. Word Press Support

    30 August 2018

    Now all people who have an existing WordPress website could use Sheet2Site to make subpages in this website.

  14. About page

    11 August 2018

    You can add text to your website with more information about your website. HTML tags are supported!


  15. Featured in CodePen blog

    7 June 2018

    Wow! Sheet2Site in CodePen Blog. Thank you CodePen!


  16. Images loading optimization

    25 May 2018

    All images now loading 5x faster using Blinkloaded

  17. Custom script support

    17 April 2018

    You can add custom script like facebook messanger or Hotjar or anything else

  18. Multi filters

    15 April 2018

    Let's say you have a list of the cafe and you want to find: Vegetarian AND Indian. Here is a website demo

  19. Story of how I made Sheet2Site

    13 April 2018

    I wrote the Story of Sheet2Site on Medium

    Hardcore Year First Monthβ€Šβ€”β€ŠGetting press coverage and reaching $361/m revenue


  20. Featured in Lifehacker

    4 April 2018

    Sheet2Site was featured in Lifehacker Japan and Lifehacker Ru


  21. #1 Product of the Day

    22 March 2018

    We did it! Sheet2Site become #1 in Product Hunt with 1000+ upvotes! This my first product that become #1 I'm very excited about it


  22. Sheet2Site Launched!

    21 March 2018

    Hooray! I launched Sheet2Site on Product Hunt and Hacker News


  23. 🏁

    Work started

    5 Jan 2018