You can add a map to your website:

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To add a map please go to the Layout tab in your Google Sheet and switch state Show ON .

Select types

You need select a type for each column in the "Cards" tab that have map information (lat and long).

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Maps and Filters

Once the user will click on a filter (let's say a neighborhood), the map will also filtered automatically and show only filtered locations

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Link will also looks nice:

Maps and Detailed Pages (Modal Pop-up)

It makes much more sence if there will be some additional information showing up when the user will click on the location of the place:

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Maps settings:

In the Map tab you can add some settings:

  • Zoom Level - how close you want to show your map from 1 to 15, where 15 is the maximum zoom
  • Map center Long - your maps longitude cordinates
  • Map center Lat - your maps lattiture cordinates